We offer a full range of services to include, check-in, interim reports and check out reports. In conjunction with the original schedule of condition/inventory these reports form the framework for the tenancy from start to finish.

It is entirely at the discretion of the Letting Agents, Relocation Company or Landlord which aspects of our service they elect to use. However, in our experience the two most important elements of our reporting system has proven to be the schedule of condition and inventory together with the checkout report.

The check-out report, in all cases, is only relevant to the quality and detail of the original schedule of condition/ inventory, as this will be the only truly reliable evidence available should a dispute arise.

The schedule of condition /inventory is an important document which will truly reflect the condition (including the standard of cleanliness ) of the property as it is presented to the incoming Tenant .It is an expectation from all conscientious Landlords that a property is given back to them at the end of the tenancy in a clean and undamaged condition, it is therefore only fair that this is how the property is handed over to the Tenant in the first place. Anything less than this will generally have a negative impact on the prospect of successfully penalising the Tenant at the end of the agreed term.

Whilst the expectation of the vast majority of tenants is that they will not be moving into a "show home", they do consider that a clean and well presented property as being the norm. In order to assist landlords we have produced a pre-inventory checklist, which we will e-mail upon request.

At the beginning of the tenancy you will be given a copy of the schedule of condition/ inventory report, this document is considered as reliable and trustworthy it will give a fair, accurate and unbiased opinion of the property and its contents.

This report will be used at the end of the tenancy term to assess whether any deductions should be made from the bond/deposit.
The property should be handed back at the end of the tenancy in at least the same condition as it was given to you, with the exception of fair wear and tear.